Raised (Elevated) Wooden Dog Feeder Benefits:

Eating from a raised dog feeder can make your canine companion feel like royalty, and who doesn’t want to treat your beloved pup like a king or queen? If you want to give your dog extra care at mealtime, consider purchasing a raised dog feeder.

Regular feeding at the proper height for a dog allows him to maintain proper standing posture. When the head is kept above the stomach, food travels more efficiently down the digestive tract. Additionally, when bowls are at the proper height for dogs, there is less strain on their leg joints and neck.  This is very important for senior and larger breed animals.  And just as humans can suffer from digestive problems such as sour stomach, gas and bloating, our four legged friends can too.  Ensure your pet can properly digest by using a raised dog feeder.  Raised (or elevated feeders) also reduce the amount of air intake, which also prevents poor digestion.


How to Determine Correct Dog Feeder Height:

Measure from the middle of your dog’s chest to the floor – and this is how many inches high the dog feeder should be –  feel free to call us with any questions and we will be happy to assist you.

Besides custom height, The Wood Nook offers additional customization as follows:  your choice of paint color, stain or natural finishes as well as your pet’s name on a three dimensional “dog bone” on the front of the Dog Feeder.  This is all done at NO EXTRA CHARGE!  Our Four Legged friends find their way into our hearts and become an integral part of our families – so let The Wood Nook help you treat them with the love and care that they deserve!!!